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 Engagement Models

MedUSA Systems provides its customers with a variety of engagement options.  Our engagement models are dynamic and are driven by business needs, customer demands and cost objectives amongst other factors.

Our customer engagements are based on transformational outsourcing.  This applies a highly disciplined approach to align IT operations with business imperatives, and re-position the organization for competitive advantage.  We deliver sustained benefits to our customers to reduce cost and provide significant business value.

We provide a comprehensive range of services centered on software development from requirements to implementation to maintenance.  Customers can choose the services that meet their business requirements, relying on us to coordinate those services.  MedUSA Systems supports both project and dedicated-team engagement models.

Under the project model, MedUSA and the customer agree on specific project requirements, and MedUSA assigns and manages appropriate resources.  This approach works best for projects with well-defined requirements and boundaries.  It can be performed on a fixed-bid or time-and-materials basis.

Under the dedicated team model, the customer specifies the number of resources and skills necessary, and can take a larger role in team management.  This approach is optimal for projects with flexible requirements, long-term development, and ongoing maintenance needs.  A dedicated team can perform on a retainer or time-and-materials basis.  This model ensures better focus on long-term objectives, and maintains a team with a project-specific knowledge, also at a lower cost to the customer thanks to stable, predictable workload.

Customers often start with a project model, and then as the relationship develops, switch to a dedicated-team model for greater continuity and cost efficiency.  These models can be used simultaneously, as a customer with a dedicated team may have an unrelated project that may be more efficient to approach with a project model.

Both engagement models provide the same visibility over the development process and team personnel.

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