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 Training Courses
         DICOM Basics         

Anyone within an organization that needs to increase their working knowledge of the DICOM standard and its impact on medical application development should take one of these classes.  People such as managers, end-users and chief engineers, to implementers that want to get an in-depth knowledge of the standard and learn how to use the standardization documentation.

         DICOM Advanced         

Anyone within an organization that require an in depth knowledge and training about specific areas of connectivity should take this class.  We have been providing these seminars on a regular (annual) basis to institutions such as the Mayo clinic and vendors who need to follow the standards very closely with their understanding and implementations of the latest developments such as the new enhanced CT/MR and other multiframe objects, additions to IHE and other emerging DICOM fields such as ophthalmology and dentistry.  These seminars have been very successful to get organizations jump-started in a specific area.

         HL7 Version 2         

You will get a basic understanding of the HL7 V2 standard, which is commonly used for existing healthcare IT implementations.  Much of the operation of a healthcare enterprise relies on administrative and/or order information generated by HL7 messages.

         HL7 Version 3         

You will get an introduction to new HL7 Version 3, which will be the basis for new healthcare IT project implementations.  It discusses the Version 3 architecture, including the Reference Information Model (RIM), Message elements (CMETs) and data types.

         HL7 Certification         

Official HL7 certification is provided by the HL7 India organization in the form of a 2 hour exam on Saturday morning.  This is an excellent opportunity to test your skills and also increase your marketability as a certified HL7 developer.  A course certificate will be provided upon completion.  New: This is for certification on HL7 V2.5.

Trainer Profiles

Herman Oosterwijk is president of OTech Inc, a healthcare technology consulting and training company. He functions as lead instructor/trainer for OTech.

He is very familiar with the PACS industry and technology because of his prior work experience as a PACS program and business unit manager with Philips, AT&T, and Kodak. He currently assists major PACS implementers such as the US Department of Veterans affairs, US Department of Defense, and other institutions defining their needs and generating the appropriate specifications and documentation for PACS purchases.

Herman presents and writes extensively on the subject of standards and regulations (DICOM, HL7, IHE and HIPAA) and published text books on DICOM, HL7 and PACS. He has taught literally thousands of healthcare professionals, including many service engineers, in locations ranging from India, Brazil and Europe, on the details of PACS and DICOM.
He participates in the DICOM and HL7 standardization efforts.